Take the Risk Out of Growing


You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Growers gain a valuable advantage by going underground for intelligence. Aquaspy’s Vector Probe is the first multi-sensor probe in the world to accurately separate moisture from conductivity.

Our implanted soil moisture sensors communicate with your roots every fifteen minutes. As a subscriber to our service, you will receive data allowing you to make informed decisions, saving you money and improving your yields.

With all good (and costly) intentions, you are literally pouring money into the crop and flushing it right through to the ground table, while at other times compaction blocks the nutrients from reaching the roots at all.


Emphasis on Early Detection

Agspy’s sophisticated multi-stage irrigation templates provide the ultimate control of desired moisture levels throughout the season. AgSpy’s advanced algorithms compare the template plan to the actual root and energy availability, and will alert you if there is an immediate or impending situation needing attention. An advantage of AgSpy is that we emphasize early detection and prevention of problems, rather than the correction of problems after they occurred.


AquaSpy’s Dual Moisture Gauge

AquaSpy’s Dual Moisture Gauge provides separate moisture level readings for the Active Root Zone and the entire soil profile, so you can see the whole picture. Roots often interact at 4, 5 or 6 foot depths and each layer of the soil is its’ own distinct environment, so while the top may appear parched, the Active Root Zone may well be quite sufficiently nourished.

Think of your entire field as your gas tank. In it is the energy or fuel to make your crop grow to its’ maximum potential. It’s the water, the fertilizer, and the pesticides, that when given in the right amount in the right place, and at the right time, fuel that crop either to a record and profitable yield, or dwindle it down to a breakeven or loss position.

Shouldn’t you know how the crops are interacting with their vital fuel and how quickly or poorly the crops are taking up the nutrients? This not only translates to yield, but it tells you how much of what to put where and when, and “gauges” when to or when not to add “fuel” to the tank.


Easy to Implement

Our sophisticated software application, AgSpy, provides context and meaning to data, so you can leverage this knowledge. Simply log into AgSpyand let the algorithms do the work. AgSpy uses the insights from your found data to recommend action and guide decision-making rooted in advanced analytics that pave the path from insight to value. AgSpy’s real power is in knowing how all the data fits together. What the data means, and what each grower is supposed to do with it, is our top priority.



Why Guess When You Can Know?

Seed, chemicals, water and energy are expensive variables all deployed to achieve maximum yield. These are critical decisions with large dollar consequences if the timing or amounts are wrong. See for yourself what your roots are telling you and improve your net margin.

Our solution gives you control and removes barriers of becoming more data-driven. The ability to retrieve data, or a lack of understanding how to use the analytics to improve output, or that perceived costs outweigh projected benefits are no longer barriers. The Vector Probe is completely unique in the current market space for being cost effective, accurate, and multi-dimensional. Our data will drive actions that generate increased yields and revenue.