• GPS Navigation

    GPS Navigation

    T-L’s GPS Navigation Corner System is the ultimate in design simplicity.
  • No High Voltage

    No High Voltage

    Have the peace of mind that everyone can work in and around your T-L safely.
  • Easier On You

    Easier On You

    T-L’s simple design and reliability lets you manage your farm instead of being dedicated to irrigating.
  • Low Pivot Maintenance

    Low Pivot Maintenance

    T-L’s pivot irrigation systems are constructed with high-strength truss rods and a double tower-leg design.
  • Hydrostatic Drive

    Hydrostatic Drive

    Repair and maintenance costs are significantly reduced due to the continuous movement of the hydrostatic drive.



The Irrigate-IQ solution is flexible and scalable to suit your specific irrigation needs. It can be installed on many makes and models or pivots that have basic or smart panels.



Aquaspy’s Vector Probe is the first multi-sensor probe in the world to accurately separate moisture from conductivity.

Dacom Sensetion

Dacom Sensetion

The Sensetion is a smart & simple to use soil moisture sensor with a mobile app.